About Us

HQFarms started growing medicinally in the state of Oregon in 2010. As a permitted grow collective we met patients with all kinds of medical needs, and cannabis worked the best for them. There was a strive to provide free, high quality cannabis to the hundreds of patients we worked with over the years. In 2015, HQFarms formed as a vendor for dozens of Oregon medical dispensaries. Under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, this allowed us to expand our operation and provide cost to grow meds to the collectives, while continuing to provide free medicine to our patients in need. In early 2017, HQFarms became a state licensed recreational cannabis producer. Although we have collectives working with our past patients, we continue to push forward in the recreational market.

As a small, craft operated cannabis producer of 3 owner-operators, we work 7 days a week from our indoor cultivation facility in Boring, Oregon. We're constantly working hard to cultivate, research, breed, and deliver only the highest quality cannabis to dispensaries all over Oregon.

We may be a small team, but we have decades of experience growing only the highest quality flower. After many years of vigorous testing and cultivation, we brought in only the most elite and rare genetics into our recreational farm. As a producer, we have several dozen different in-house rotating genetics. Our garden techniques feature completely organic IPM solutions, zero heavy metal nutrients, and absolutely zero pesticide use; you can feel at ease when choosing HQFarms - we have high standards, and you should too.

To ensure the safety of Oregon Cannabis users, each new batch of product undergoes a comprehensive potency, pesticide, residual solvent, microbial testing, and terpene profiling. Our primary goal is to offer the highest quality cannabis to the beatufiul state of Oregon.